Forget the eggnog and drink the BULL! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Bull City Ciderworks family! It's been a very busy year for the BULL and we wanted to provide a substantial update. Construction on the Cider Exploratorium in Durham, NC is nearing completion, but we still have lots do to. We're very excited to bring our cider back to the Bull City! The Exploratorium will be our pilot batch facility that explores all things cider - old world, modern American, barrel-aged cider, and more. The goal is to make Durham renowned the world around for cider! We've already got a good start on that (looking at ya'll Black Twig Ciderhouse). Cider education and appreciation will be a "core" mission of the Exploratorium. Now, all that being said, the scope of our mission is broad and will take some time to fully execute. We're talking several months. The tentative timeline of events is as follows. We hope to complete bar top, sealing floors, installing tap tower, painting and move in furniture by second week of January. If parking lot construction goes smooth then we hope to obtain a certificate of occupancy by the end of January. Barring no delays in receiving CO then doors open early February, but keep an eye on social media for definitive announcement. The grand opening will be scheduled for a later date so that we can coordinate this kickass event with confidence. We've also begun hiring so checkout our new employment page HERE if you're interested or know someone that's passionate about cider.

The Kickstarter Founders party planning is ongoing and announcement of date is eminent; however, we're thinking early March. Many supporters are coming from out of town and we want to provide time for them to make plans. I'll send out a separate announcement via KS in the coming days. To all the KS supporters reading this post, a huge THANK YOU from the BULL! You're the reason we're still charging ahead. We never imagined that it would take 2 years to regroup and get operational again, but you've supported us through it all. We really appreciate the hand-written cards, gifts decorating the taproom, and all the positive vibes directed our way. It means a lot to us and powers us through the tough times! 

While the taproom at the Exploratorium will be pouring pints of delicious cider, the R&D cidery will take a few more months to complete. Much of the equipment (fermentation vessels, brite tank, pumps, etc.) is already in place but will take some time to assemble and connect utilities. We've also got tons of barrel racks that need to be placed, but we're waiting on some special barrels to become available. That being said, we'll still open up the cidery for tours, so everyone can check out the shiny new tanks (and KS plaques on them)! We'll also be hosting cider educational courses but this is a few months out - baby steps!

The landscaping for the outdoor space is shaping up as well. We don't want to give away all the details but we're making good on our Kickstarter promise of home grown ingredients incorporated into our ciders! We've planned space for an herb garden that we'll use to grow thyme, rosemary, ginger, hops and other ingredients. Additionally, we've started the first plantings of our urban orchard which include Roxbury Russet, Hyslop Crab, Magnum Bonum, Summer Banana, Goldrush and American Golden Russet. This is just the beginning for Durham's first urban orchard and cidery! It's all for you, so we hope you enjoy! 

The BULL has also been working hard at the large scale production facility in Lexington, NC. The bottling line has arrived! In the previous months we've been mobile bottling, but demand has increased and now we'll have a high speed bottling line. The cable trays are being hung, wires run, compressed air installed, and CO2 lines connected. It's a huge undertaking but the BULL is ready to do whatever it takes to keep cider flowing to all of you! The tap room is back in action and pouring Christmas spirits! Checkout our holiday hours and join us. Be sure to grab a growler because everyone knows Santa needs Bull City Cider to wash down all of those cookies! Why do you think his cheeks are so rosy? 

Holiday Hours @ Lexington Taproom: 
Dec 22nd (5-10PM), Dec 23rd (5-Midnight), Dec 24th (Closed), Dec 29th (5-10PM), Dec 30th (5-Midnight), Dec 31st (3PM-2AM)

Thanks to everyone for helping us succeed. We've come a long way but the BULL never rests. Our mission is high quality cider for everyone. Changing perceptions of cider, one unique pint at a time, because different is delicious. Merry Christmas Ya'll.