Lexington Cider Bar Open!

The cider bar in Lexington, NC has kinda sorta reopened after weeks of being closed due to code violations. Yea, yea, busted by the man. Well, we installed a cool new ramp and entrance at the side bar adjacent to main entrance and we're serving up pints of cider again! However, main cider bar is still closed. Construction has begun on a new door and ramp, so we should have it open again very soon. Stay tuned on Facebook or Twitter!

COMING VERY SOON - Bull City Ciderhouse

As you may have heard, Bull City Ciderhouse @ 102 S Main St., Lexington, NC is set to open early August. The whole team is pumped beyond belief! It's a gastropub concept with a creative cider-infused menu. Checkout our menu on the ciderhouse page. We'll be serving up delicious Bull City cider made just Off Main St. (see what I did there!) at 599 S Railroad St. Come checkout the cidery if you haven't already! We'll also offer wine, beer and international cider selections. At left is a closeup of the beautiful tables constructed by Kenny Novy - Fine Finish Furniture in NC - for the Ciderhouse.

Lexington Food Truck Feast - August 13th

Prepare to have your mind blown and your stomach stuffed with awesome food and cider. More details on Lexington's first food truck rodeo at Facebook or on our Lexington Event Calendar. Click on the links for constantly updated food truck lineup and schedule. Yum.