"Dogs for lazy people" was the Google search that initially led us to Greyhounds. With Ryan going back for his PhD and me working full time, we needed a dog who wouldn't require a ton of exercise or excessive grooming, but would be big enough that Ryan wouldn't accidentally step on it. So we did our research, contacted our local rescue and made an appointment to meet the dogs the internet promised would be a perfect fit for us.

We were introduced to 6 of the 20 or so dogs in the kennel and were really surprised by the vast differences in their personalities. There was Party Animal, the big male who was too shy to come out from behind Kathy, the kennel mom. And the sweet looking little female who was bedded down in fabric scraps instead of a blanket like the other dogs.  "That was a blanket this morning," Kathy told us. "She's going to need a yard." Indeed.

And then there was Chip. This sweet, deer-like giant moseyed out of his crate, gave us a sniff, peed on the trash can, checked the counter for treats, then circled back and stuck his entire face in Ryan's coat pocket. Four years later, clad in his red Christmas sweater and navy blue bowtie, he's sleeping on his bed beside me as I write this.

Greyhounds are like potato chips, they say: you can't have just one. Within months of taking Chip home I knew I wanted another, but by then Ryan and a few friends were starting a little company called Bull City Ciderworks, and life was far too crazy to add another pup to the mix!  

When I joined BCC full time in September, one of the first things I did was arrange Meet & Greets at both of our taprooms to help spread the word about how awesome these crazy creatures are and give our dog loving cider community a chance to meet them. Plus, it's always fun to see a big group of these nearly silent beauties meandering around a brewery (well, a cidery in our case), leaning in for snuggles with any human who will stand still!  

There was one little incident at our Lexington event though...one of the adoptable greys, a beautiful brindle boy named Roscoe, was caught sneaking Sweet Carolina right out of a volunteer's pint glass!  Naturally, Ryan and I adopted him three days later :)   

If you are thinking of adopting, love dogs, or are just grey-curious, come out for a pint and some playtime on Sunday, December 17.  Chip and Roscoe will be there, as well as some adoptable dogs from Triangle Greyhound Society and other members of the local Greyhound community.  And it really is a community - there are regular meet ups, a weekly greyhound only play date at Piney Woods dog park, and numerous Facebook and Reddit groups to answer all of your questions, share your successes, and provide all the support you need. We'll be donating $1 from every pint sold at the event to support Triangle Greyhound Society.

See you Sunday!

Bonus tidbit - we were checking out Roscoe's pedigree and racing history online (68 races - he won 10!!) and realized he and Chip are actually related!  Chip raced in Orlando and Roscoe in Palm Beach so they definitely never met, but both are descended from a sire named Molotov.  We can even watch their races online - one of the coolest parts of adopting a retired racer is being able to learn so much about their life before they commandeered your couch :)

By Courtney Bogard, Retail Director & Cider Wife 

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