By Robert Battle

I arrived at Bull City Ciderworks just like every other day since I took this job in August. For me, this is more than just a job. This is an opportunity to spread cheer and happiness throughout my delightful slice of the earth.

This job requires many different hats. Most hats are cleaning hats. TODAY, was a tricorn (think Benjamin Franklin). Meaning, I had 3 different projects. Bundled up in our warmest winter wears, we began the monumental job of the first inventory of the year. This job gives a unique look at the cidery. You potentially put your hand on every item that goes into the production process. You count and recount because every bit of alcohol has to be accountable for those wonderful government agencies that regulate this industry. This count isn't limited to just the tasty liquid. We count boxes, ingredients, kegs, merchandise, and even all the pallets we have in the facility.
After lunch, it was time to pull our first order of the week to send out for distribution. You need to bundle up for this job. If you drink your coffee like I do, you'll end up with an iced coffee in the cold room before you know it. This day was unique because the temperature was so low outside that our cold storage was a bit warmer, but still so frosty.

This is the part of the job where you, the thirsty consumer, can help out. Go to your local watering hole, bottle, or specialty shop and request our products. These wonderful folks will tell their distributors, and those distributors will request those particular items from us! If the chain works properly your favorite cider will end up in your favorite shop.

With the order pulled, wrapped, and ready to ship, it was time to move on to the last part of the day.

Have you ever wondered what goes into getting the apple all the way to the bottle in your fridge?

On this particular day, one of the less glamorous but ever important processes was completed. That's right folks, we folded, taped and stacked cardboard boxes to eventually be filled with six packs of cider. Of the four ciders we currently bottle, this day was filled with Off Main boxes. This job is a crucial first step on the packaging of the our semi-sweet flagship cider.


That, my friends, is a Tuesday in the life of a cider man. Tomorrow is another day and it will be just as different as the day before and the day after it because different is delicious.


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