Welcome to the first ever Sasquash Scavenger Hunt. This year we decided that the elusive Sasquash cider deserved a proper introduction. Last year when this cider was conceived, it was for the Unknown Brewing’s Strange Brew competition. It took second place in in this friendly competition. This cider was so tasty that we decided to bring it back in a big bad way. We decided it was time to host our own friendly competition. 


Welcome to the first ever Sasquash Scavenger Hunt. The rules are simple. Bull City Ciderworks is going to hide 8 Squashes in the downtown Durham area. This contest will run from Monday, November 12th to Thursday, November 15th. We will be giving away clues via our Facebook and Instagram stories and posts at 10 AM and 4PM. The morning posts will be a little tougher, but have no fear, the afternoon posts will make it a little easier to find the squash.The grand prize winner will be announced on Sasquash release day, Friday, November 16th. You all are ready to find out how this whole game is going to play out, aren’t you?

● There will be 2 hiding places every day and 2 clues for each location every day (ie 4 clues total per day)

● The 10AM clues will be tough. These clues will be worth 2 points.

● The 4PM clues will be a little easier. These clues will remain available. These clues will be worth 1 point.

● To claim your points you will text a picture of the squash with your name and location to Bull City Ciderworks at 919-930-5529

● We will keep track of the points. Messages received between 10am-4pm = 2 points and after 4pm = 1 point

● You have the chance to score 4 points a day for 4 days.

● On Friday the 16th, The elusive Sasquash itself will be up for grabs. This is the big one! This squash is out there somewhere, and it’ll be worth 5 points. For this squash, you have to be the first to grab it and bring it back to the cidery.

● At the end of EACH day the person(s) with the most points will win an exclusive sasquash t shirt and a $10 gift card. Totals will be announced on Social Media on friday the 16th (SASQUASH RELEASE DAY)

● THE GRAND PRIZE - if you win the most points and have found the mighty Sasquash you win big! You get a T-shirt, Cider Boot, $50 gift card, our exclusive bull city hat, and best of all. You and 10 of your best pals will get an exclusive evening in our production area bar. You might be thinking to yourself, what’s the difference between the two taprooms? We have 4 exclusive ciders in our production space that aren't available to anyone else. You’ll be one of the first few to taste what we’re making and can see for yourself how different is delicious.

Sadly, we can’t give away alcohol because of laws and rules that we take seriously in this business. However, whenever the winner is announced we can discuss days of availability and when you would like to claim your prize worth over $500 dollars! May the Sasquash find its way into your sights and may good cider always find its way to your lips.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting

DISCLAIMER - Do not destroy any property! The squash will be in plain view, not buried under anything, and will not require you to move anything out of its place!