Drinking Cider for Newbies

1) Take Flight with the Bull

2) Graduate to a Pint

3) Mix Ciders Like a Boss

4) Cidermosas at Home

Take Flight with the Bull! We've got something for everyone, but you never know what you’re going to like so make sure to try everything! Our Cidermaker Ryan is wicked smart and creates all kinds of different and delicious flavors. It will take about 3 flights to try all of our ciders so bring some friends :) 

Starter Flight: Off Main, Rhize Up, Smooth Hoperator, Orange You a Hippie & Sweet Carolina

Advanced Flight: Cardinal Cin, Cherry Tart, Jack & Oak, Orange You a Hippie & Steep South

Cider Head Flight: Ants On a Log, Bueno Loco, Cinnister, Steep South & Smooth Hoperator

Graduate to a Pint! When you’ve tried all the Ciders on tap, graduate to a pint of your favorite! And you may have a few favorites but that’s ok :) I have about 3-5 favorites and they’re constantly changing with new seasonals and unique small batches coming out. 

Curent Favorites: Cherry Tart, Cinnister & Ants On a Log

Mix Ciders Like a Boss! When you become really comfortable with all the Ciders on tap and have been to visit us a few times... try a cider mix! Be the master of your own creation and maybe start with these:

Steep South (Black Tea) + Sweet Carolina (Honey)

Cherry Tart (Sour Cherry) + Rhize Up (Baby Ginger)

Cidermosas at Home! One of my favorite things about Cider is that it mixes well, and one of my favorite things to mix it with is orange juice. These are our twist on mimosas and it doesn’t have to be orange juice, you can use any juice you'd like!! Grab some bottles or a growler and try these:

Orange You a Hippie + Orange Juice

Smooth Hoperator + Grapefruit Juice

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned cider head... there are so many options when it comes to Bull City Ciders. We're putting out different and delicious flavors almost weekly so plan your visit and bring someone awesome!!